Unidentified Landscape, paper engraving, charcoal, 150 x 195 cm, 2017


Installation photograph at Space 52


close up – lower right artwork-11

close up – lower left artwork-12

close up – upper left
artwork-13close up – upper right

close up – middle artwork-10


photographs by Dimitris Triantafillou


A few thoughts:
The sameness of form. The sameness of existence. One seems to not be able to avoid it. And yet, every line is unique. Every line has its own resonance, character and individuality. Every line is autonomous and dependent. Dependent to the other line to echo its existence. Mirroring one another, trying to avoid one another, bumping into one another. But if we ask what is a line? Then, way down we fall into the void. What is a line.



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