Landscape, paper engraving, charcoal, 150 x 180 cm, 2017

Installation photograph at Space 52

close up – lower rightartwork-45

close up – lower left

close up – upper right

close up – upper left
artwork-48artwork-51close up – middleartwork-56



artwork-70artwork-66artwork-87artwork-76artwork-78artwork-81photographs by Dimitris Triantafillou
Nature gave rise to a number of issues for my mind to explore. This includes human’s evolution and their relation with the development and sustainability of nature, through the development of the technique of paper engraving. Are humans really using the raw materials provided by nature to make a step forward, to evolve? Is this technique – this work – an evolutionary step?Another question asks about the dualism but also about the sameness shared by all human existence. While at the same time, some thoughts wonder about nature and the female.

A few thoughts:
Can you see the trees?


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